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Reclaiming Our Voices
Saturday, May 15, 2010
May Day Rant - Outrages of the Week - May 14

Here are this week’s outrages from the news, just the ones I am aware of.

1. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski blocks a bill that would raise the cap on damages an oil company can pay from 75 million to 10 billion. Her excuse, shared by Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana earlier this week, is that this would destroy those “Mom & Pop” small oil exploration companies. Keep in mind this is a cap, or the most one would have to pay. Those so called “Mom & Pop” companies by their very definition, would not be big enough to spill as much oil as BP / Transocean / Halliburton can spill, so their assessment would be less. Lies! Both Senators receive campaign funds from oil companies. This is why we have got to get rid of corporate influence in government, along with those shills in various levels of government that are bought and paid for by corporations. Let’s say thanks to

Lisa (murkowski.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Contact) and

Mary (landrieu.senate.gov/about/contact.cfm).

2. Senator Kerry & Lieberman introduced a climate change bill that gives subsidies to record profit making oil companies to do oil exploration. The same people who want to “drill baby, drill” don’t want cap and trade that would tax corporate carbon pollution and make renewable energy sources more competitive. Yet, we give subsidies to oil companies. Why not give them to renewable energy sources instead. Go figure. That is the price of passing a climate change bill. We have to pay off the corporate shills, to get a modest climate change bill that probably won’t do enough. All the off shore oil exploration on our continental shelves will at best reduce the cost of gas by 3 cents over 20 years. There is not enough oil on these shelves to significantly increase the world oil supply. Given the cost and risk versus a negligible benefit, why are we doing this? 3. Senators Grassley and Wyden’s bill to end secret “holds” on bills a nominations was stopped by Senator Jim “It will be his Waterloo, it will break him (Obama)” even though he says he agrees with it. Among other things, these secret holds are used by Senators to extort favors and earmarks that will help them get re-elected.

Let’s say thanks to Jim:


4. All of these instances in the Senator show how one Senator can stop progress for no apparent reason.

5. Arizona! You thought their racial profiling was out of line. According to one poll, 60% of Americans agree with the law and using racial profiling for security reasons. 60% of Americans also think law will result in racial profiling. There probably was a time when a majority of Americans believed in a ban on inter-racial marriage and believed in segregation. Of course, in all of these cases, these folks who approve of such things haven’t read the constitution.

6. But what Arizona has done now is even worse. They have banned ethnic studies in their state. What happened to freedom of speech? Where is the tea party outrage? Rick Sanchez of CNN tried to spin this by saying that one course curriculum used the term “La Raza”, which he thought was too political, like the term “black power”. La Raza means “the people”. You know, like “we, the people . . .” Rick is the one who was voluntarily tased on the news. He hasn’t made much sense since. But, let’s say thanks to him, anyway at http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form4.html?149

Why isn’t Glenn Beck ranting about how this law is like what they did in the USSR? Let’s thank the Governor of Arizona for once again demonstrating courageous leadership, by pandering to our ignorance and fear rather than the facts.

7. Last, the corporate media can’t let go of their gloom and doom predictions for Democrats in November 2010, any more than they can let go of Sarah Palin being a viable candidate for President in 2012. 70% of Americans don’t think she is qualified to be President including a majority of conservatives and Republicans, but don’t let that get in the way.

8. As for 2010, both CNN and MSNBC like to site one portion of a poll that says 52% of Americans think Obama is more invested in helping people versus corporation, but only 37% think the same way about Democrats in Congress. There are a few glaring examples of Democratic corporate shills in Congress, Ben Nelson of Nebraska who opposed health care reform to help his Health Insurance Company supporters and he opposes finance reform to help his big investment interests. What they leave out is that only 21% of Americans think Republicans are more invested in helping people versus corporations. The corporate media leaves this tidbit out, because it gets in the way of their mantra that “people are angry, and they want change, so they will vote Republican”. Once again, this is not 1994, it may look a lot like 1984 (the novel), but Republicans were respected in 1994 and offered a plan, albeit that their real plan was to protect corporate interests.

9. Finally, to watch Lewis Black lampoon Glen Beck’s Nazi Tourettes, go to:


HURRY UP! It’s a scream.

Posted by pencandle at 5:59 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, May 15, 2010 6:07 AM EDT

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