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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, June 10, 2010
The Tea Party is not a Populist movement

When Rand Paul won his primary election, he said "I have a message from the tea party, we've come to take our government back".  But, for whom does he plan to take our government back?  Within a week of his victory, he sided with BP regarding their oil spill saying "accidents will happen" and he criticized the Obama Administration for putting their heel on BP's throat.  Sharron Angle, another identified tea party candidate for the US Senate, called for less regulation of the oil industry, in spite of the oil spill. 


The tea party movement is not a populist movement.  It was funded by corporate special interests, who knew what to say, to upset some sincere citizens into doing their bidding.  With all their good intentions, the tea party movement would take our government back to less banking and corporate over sight that led to the problems we are facing now.  Recent events, like the mining disaster and the Gulf oil spill demonstrate that the fossil fuel industry needs greater oversight as we transition to cleaner renewable energy sources.


The media likes to say that voters are angry this year.  But we are not all angry about the same thing.  Many of us are angry at corporate apologists in congress, many of whom are Republican, who have stood in the way of the change that a majority of us voted for in 2008. 


Whether it is protecting the banks, the insurance companies or the fossil fuel industry, we cannot afford to be fooled by clever campaigns that will take our government back to the failed policies of less corporate regulation and less taxes that primarily for the wealthy. 

Posted by pencandle at 1:14 AM EDT

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