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Reclaiming Our Voices
Monday, July 26, 2010
The corporate / tea party nexus continues.



On a recent TV program, someone said they were inspired to join the tea party movement when Obama told Joe the plumber he would like to see us spread the wealth.  In case anyone has not been paying attention, the trend has been for the rich to get richer while the rest of us have seen our income stagnate.  While Republican millionaires in the US Senate refuse to allow a vote on extending unemployment insurance payments, they want to extend tax cuts for the wealthy. Do you really want to give Congress back to people who think like that?

We now live in a 21st Century version of the Joe McCarthy era with shades of George Orwell irony.  When demagogues like Rush Limbaugh & Glen Beck liken those who were duly elected to help the middle class to Hitler and Stalin, and Glen Beck claims to be the spokesman for Martin Luther King's dream even as he makes unfounded accusations racism toward leading African Americans being racist, there is a profound scourge of hate mongering, race bating misinformation.   Apparently, folks like Rush, Glen, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman & Tom Tancredo did not get the memo from Abraham Lincoln that "united we stand, divided we fall". 

Rush & Glen stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars by selling their divisive lies of hate & fear. Sarah & Michelle question the loyalty of Americans who disagree with them, and for that they are rewarded with excessive media attention.  To paraphrase Rodney King, why can't we all just disagree?  Why does it always have to be about character assassination?  Sure there are some liberals who say some hateful things, but they are greatly outnumbered and out matched by the crude, insensitive rhetoric with veiled calls for violence perpetrated by extremists on the right, who are then given credence in the corporate media.   

What stopped Joe McCarthy were people like Margaret Chase Smith calling for him to be censured. Rush & Glen & others like them are getting rich dividing working class Americans against each other over wedge issues, while some of the wealthy few laugh all the way to the bank as they buy public officials to pave their way to more greed & irresponsibility. And so we end up with conservative apologists for the wealthy few, telling us that raising the minimum wage will cause inflation while corporate CEO's see their salary and bonuses skyrocket even if they run their corporation into the ground and cause the layoffs of many working class people.  Why aren't their salary increases recognized as inflationary as well as often undeserved.

Yes, there is a method to the apparent madness of Limbaugh, Beck and others.  There are some in the media who call out these merchants of division, fear & hate for what they really are. It is too kind to call them entertainers, when they are grossly overpaid to keep us at each other's throat, and divert real discourse about policy issues. 

My message to Rush & Glen & Sarah & Michelle & others like them is simple. I will never accuse you of being un-American, but I will never let you call me un-American. I am a proud liberal.  I do not have a disease.  I am just as patriotic as you. I have as much right to my beliefs as you have for yours. Neither of us should be ridiculed for what we sincerely believe to be best for our country, but when you speak inaccurately and with divisive intent, you threaten your own credibility and put the nation at risk. 

And to quote one of your own, "out of respect for our troops, quit making things up".  

Posted by pencandle at 2:55 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, July 26, 2010 3:25 AM EDT

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