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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, October 7, 2010
Support Michael Arcuri for the 24th District

One of the many reasons Republicans should be prevented from getting a majority in the House in 2010 is their threat to conduct many investigations with subpoena power.  Republicans have already abused the filibuster rule in the Senate, by preventing simple up or down votes on needed legislation and nominations.  Over 400 bills passed by the House are stalled in the Senate.  At a time of war and economic crisis, never has a minority party shown such partisan obstruction as the current Republican leadership. 

We all remember how Republicans abused their investigation power during the 90's with special prosecutor Ken Starr for several years and 50 million dollars.  While al Qaeda was planning an attack on the World Trade Center, Republicans tied up all three branches of Federal Government with a flimsy impeachment trial that they knew they couldn't win.  Later one of the House Managers admitted the whole charade was payback for Nixon having to resign under threat of impeachment. 


In the recent trumped up controversy about a proposed Muslim community center 2 blocks away from ground zero, the 24th District Congressional Republican candidate reversed himself, first supporting the community center, than turning against it, citing Republican talking points about "sensitivity".  While I disagree with our current Congressman suggesting the community center should be moved, he at least stated he was concerned for the family members of victims of and did not waiver. 

Congressmen Arcuri has shown an ability to vote independent of the President, and while I disagree with these votes, he does demonstrate character in voting for what he thinks is best.  Mr. Hanna is a decent local businessmen, but his ties to the Cato Institute suggests that he will be constrained to only consider a narrow ideological range of possible solutions to the problems we face as a nation.  His caving in to Republican talking points suggests he will vote in lock step with radicalized Republicans, who have obstructed progress over the past 20 months.  He will have to acquiesce to a radical right social agenda that has taken control of the Republican Party, and ignore science on critical issues like climate change.

Posted by pencandle at 10:17 PM EDT

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