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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, October 7, 2010
Vote Democratic

The first casualty of this year’s midterm election has been accuracy.  Many inflamed voters have forgotten that the Wall Street bailout was started during the Bush administration with the support of Republican minority leaders in Congress.  The Auto bailout also started under the Bush Administration.  In both cases, the Obama Administration initiated greater accountability in both plans and both have paid back much of what was borrowed. 

The Recovery Act has saved jobs and prevented an even worse economic crisis.  Health Care Reform and Finance Reform have both added new consumer protections for average working Americans.  While Republicans obstruct and resort to divisive rhetoric of hate and fear, Democrats have been trying to solve problems.  The severity and complexity of these problems defy a quick fix.  Democrats deserve our patience and support during these difficult times.  

Posted by pencandle at 10:41 PM EDT

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