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Reclaiming Our Voices
Monday, September 19, 2011

 My letter to Congressman Paul Ryan, if you agree, fax him at 202-225-3393:

September 19, 2011,

The Honorable Paul Ryan

1233 Longworth HOB

Washington DC  20515


Dear Congressman Ryan,


My mother grew up in Wisconsin and I have cousins who live in Wisconsin.  My mother would be upset with what you are doing.


You want to know what class warfare is?  Class warfare is crushing collective bargaining.  Class warfare is privatizing Medicare so your wealthy friends in the private health insurance industry can make more money while crippling benefits for middle class Americans.  Class warfare is letting those responsible for the economic disaster in 2008 go away scot free to make more money, while the people their actions put out of work are still struggling to find work. 


Trickledown economics does not work.  We have had the Bush tax cuts primarily benefitting the wealthy for 10 years, where are the jobs?  You have seen the statistics.  During the Bush years, we had virtually no job growth, where we had some 20 million jobs during the Clinton years, when taxes were increased for the wealthy.  Trickledown economics, like you have proposed, is class warfare. 


Shame on you and other Republicans like you, who only play the “class warfare” card, to defend the wealthy and only when someone stands up for the middle class. 



William S. Gazitano

Posted by pencandle at 7:28 AM EDT

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