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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Karl Rove Must Go
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Topic: The Great Divider, Rove
Karl Rove must go. Leaking the identity of a CIA agent, and calling them “fair game” to a member of the media, demonstrates pathological arrogance. He retaliated against someone who uncovered one part of a web of deception, that misled us into a war against a country that lacked the means to harm us.

By discrediting opponents with misinformation, and intimidating critics with retaliation, this Administration has escaped accountability for its failures and misdeeds. Mr Rove’s tactics have infested the White House, the Republican party and the media, with misleading and divisive rhetoric that plays upon our fears. His tactics stifle debate, encourage hateful cynicism and threaten democracy.

Our greatest leaders respected their opponents, debated honestly, accepted responsibility and brought us together by allaying our fears. Mr. Rove encourages the opposite. His mentor, Lee Atwater, denounced such tactics in a death bed contrition. Mr. Rove missed the most important lesson.

Posted by pencandle at 7:32 PM EDT

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