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Reclaiming Our Voices
Saturday, September 10, 2005
"A New Tone In Washington"
Topic: A Matter of Trust

It is a matter of trust. The disclosure about the lack of qualifications of FEMA Director Michael Brown, is frightening especially in a post 9-11 era. A President who’s image is that of being tough on terrorism, is unmasked as giving a critical disaster management job to a political crony. The confirmation process by Congress was not thorough enough, suggesting that they are too timid to recognize and oppose incompetence.

The question becomes, how many other appointed staff, holding critical positions in this Administration, lack the credentials to do their job? What happened to our system of checks and balances? Now, we are suppose to trust the President and a highly partisan Senate, to make a responsible choice on two new Supreme Court Justices, who decisions will affect the course of our nation for generations.

This Administration uses intimidation to get its appointees confirmed. Administration supporters in the Senate claim that Senator Daschle was targeted in 2004, because he didn’t acquiesce enough with the will of the Administration. Bear in mind, the President got Daschle's unqualified support in the days after 9-11. Daschle even supported the resolution to give Pesidential authority to invade Iraq, which we now know was misplaced trust. But that wasn't good enough.

In 2000, candidate Bush said he would bring a new bipartisan tone to Washington, claiming that he had worked well with Democrats in Texas. Well, we have a new tone in Washington alright, but it is not the one Bush promised, it is just the opposite. We have greater division, fear and now a lack of trust in the very process of government, that is suppose to protect us from incompetence and malfeasance.

Posted by pencandle at 5:09 PM EDT

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