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Reclaiming Our Voices
Monday, September 12, 2005
Corporate Media Bias
Topic: Stealth Neo-cons.

I sent the message below to progressive talk show host, Thom Hartmann. It speaks to the corporate media bias against government committment to playing a role in solving major problems in our homeland. I included notes I sent to every address I could find at CNN. I doubt that CNN is taking my notes seriously, but it feels good to send them, none-the-less.

"Hi Thom

I watched CNN live Sunday night on 9/11/2005 with Carol Lin.

She was advocating that the survivors of Katrina should get a one time $20,000 voucher to cover their expenses. She complained about "just throwing money at the problem" and why should we spend $200 billion to fix this problem, because we know the bureaucracy will "eat (the money) up like candy". She was debating Ariana Huffington about this, and it became the question of the night. "Should the survivor get a one time payment of $20,000?" I tried to call in, but the voice mail box filled up too soon. One of the callers replied that the situation needed a WPA type program. No one seemed to agree with her.

Another story on the same show, had to do with blaming the Louisiana Governor for the delay in a Federal response, because she did not specifically ask for troops from the President when she called for Federal Emergency Assistance on August 27. They showed a clip of her talking with her press secretary ( supposedly off the air) on August 31, in between media interviews saying "I should have asked for troops." This was when the looting, shooting and raping was becoming prominent. Then, they showed a clip of Mile O'Brien interrogating her like a Prosecutor on this same point, in an interview that happened a day or two later. She did call the White House for troops on Wednesday afternoon (Aug 31), got an assistant to the Homeland Security Secretary, then the troops began rolling in. (I think they went to Mississippi, first.)

You get the idea, the Rove machine has infected CNN, and, I imagine, the other news networks. You can read the note I sent to CNN about this below.

The good news was that Howard Dean slam dunked Wolf Blitzer on his situation show, regarding how the lowest 80% of Americans have seen their income go down an average of $1700 a year in the last 5 years. He called Wolf on using Republican talking points and stopped Wolf from interrupting him. Also, on Wednesday night, John Edwards did a great interview on Aaron Brown's show, talking about the 37 million in poverty in this nation.

Very truly yours,

Bill Gazitano"

I believe people like Myle O'Brien and Carol Lin are a little more deceptive than the hard core neo-con corporate apologists, because they pose as main stream neutral anchors, but weave RNC Rove - Delay distracting points into their questons.

Sent to CNN:

First, I tried making a comment on your show by phone Sunday night, 9/11/2005, and your voice mail box was full. Had I been able to leave a message I would have said that Carol Lin should get a job with the neo-con wing of the RNC or maybe as an assistant to Karl Rove, since she is so good at furthering their propaganda. I would suggest the same for Miles O'Brien.

Secondly, regardless of whether you provide short term aide to survivors or the Katrina or not, we have a responsibility to rebuild and secure that area from future category 4 to 5 storms, as well as refurbish and maintain the wetlands around the New Orleans area.

You are part of the corporate apologist media, so you folks have consistently given a pass to the corporate bought Bush Administration, and are trying to blame the Governor and Mayor, instead.

I think Miles O'Brien should be fired for the way he badgered the Governor about not asking for troops, while never taking the Administration to task. Carol Lin should be fired for showing such bias for a short sighted solution to a much more complex problem. She kept pressing for this $20,000 one time give a way to people who have lost every thing including loved ones.

If we are willing to spend $200 billion for an unnecessary war in Iraq, I think we can spend $200 billion on rebuilding part of our own homeland. It is not going to get “eaten up like candy”as Carol said.

Last November, Carol Lin laughed at people who cried at the outcome of the 2004 election, saying “Is it really that important.” That level of bias and insensitivity does not belong on CNN. I find her presence on your network totally offensive, as she is incapable of keeping her pro-Bush bias to herself.

Carol Lin is not hosting a commentary show, she is suppose to give fair representation to both sides of an issue. As I say, I think both Carol & Miles would do well on FoxNews, or working for the neo-con spin machine of the RNC, but they do not belong on your network.

People like Aaron Brown show balance and at are willing to recognize issues like having 37 million Americans living in poverty is an issue we should all work together to solve. The profit sector won’t do it. The non-profit sector can’t do it alone, so government at all levels has a vital role. Carol and Miles could take lessons from Aaron.

Posted by pencandle at 9:40 PM EDT

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