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Reclaiming Our Voices
Friday, March 10, 2006
Tough talk and no action.
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Topic: Arrogant Incompetence!!

The ill-fated Dubai port deal has demonstrated that the Bush Administration is not what it claims to be. The Administration poorly vetted this company, and it was only a large outcry by voters, that caused Republicans in Congress to rebel, instead of rubber stamp, a potentially dangerous deal.

The quality of decisions by the Bush Administration has reached a new level of arrogant incompetence. If this were in the private sector, they would be fired. You may remember that George W never succeeded in the private sector.

While this Administration talks tough about fighting terrorists, they have woefully under funded port security, and would have let a questionable company manage these same ports.

They are more concerned about brokering lucrative deals that reward wealthy multi-national interests who have funded their rise to power. And, this Republican led Congress would normally have gone along for the ride.

Again, it was only, a public outcry, that caused the Republican Majority to rebel.

The only way this Administration will ever be held accountable, and kept in check, is if we elect a Democratic majority in the House and Senate this fall. The Democrats may not be saints, but at least their party leadership has not sold it soul to the highest bidder.

The compassionate conservative is neither.

The Bush Adminstration is not tough on terror.

And so long as the GOP leadership is infested with corporate lobbyists, the party of Lincoln is no more.

Posted by pencandle at 10:25 PM EST

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