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Reclaiming Our Voices
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
We need health care reform now!
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Topic: No disruptive deception

I am deeply concerned with the disruption of civil public discourse at town hall meetings taking place through out our country during the congressional recess. One group, "Right Principles" provides instructions how to disrupt town hall meetings. The source of some of these disruptions are linked to lobbyist groups for the health care industry. This is a deceptive attempt to make it look like there is grass roots outrage over proposed health care reform, when it truth it is coming from the wealthiest beneficiaries of the status quo.

These same groups are using deceptive scare tactics in order to "swift vote" health care reform. There are legitimate points of difference for civil debate, but disruption and scare tactics should not be tolerated. In the 24th District, our Congressman has information on his website regarding proposed health care reform.  

Go to http://arcuri.house.gov/

I prefer a single payer option, which is not being considered now, but in absence of that, a public option will provide fair competition to the private providers who’s focus is profits first, including excessive executive compensation. We can do better for less money, we can’t afford the status quo.

Posted by pencandle at 5:38 AM EDT

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