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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, November 18, 2004
Getting back to our premise
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Topic: What we are about

Why did I start this blog? Click on the following?
Why we got started

When the term "liberal" becomes so maligned, that it suspends debate, and limits the range of ideas to be considered, we have become less democratic and less American.

The Joe McCarthyest tone of the fanatical right, possibly has it's roots in that era of the great red scare. But what if allowed each individual idea to stand or fall on its own merits, rather than throw away an entire class of ideas?

Ironically, I think those of us with more liberal thoughts would be more likely to practice this. But a certain sub group of conservative thinkers would fight it tooth an nail.

What are they afraid of? To me, it seems that those things we presently label "too lberal" now, are simply things that benefit people. Whether it is education, health care, voting rights, enviromental security, affirmative action, a living wage, all these benefit working class people and are proactive, in terms of securing a better future.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation, are the heroin of our society, the feel good answers for today, that mortgage our future.

It is time to fight for our right to express, advocate and champion liberal ideas based on their merit, and not on the negative label assigned by those who seek to control and deprive.

Posted by pencandle at 2:15 AM EST
Saturday, August 21, 2004
Reclaiming Our Voices
Mood:  energetic
Topic: What we are about
Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Be informed, get involved, and vote as if your freedom depended on it, because it does.
The Premise

Some conservative elements have been successful at vilifying the term "liberal" while doing the opposite with the term "conservative".

They have thus caused some to shy away from being characterized liberal and defined their position to be main stream. Thus, they have orchestrated a shift in political leaning toward the right.

The end result is to just criticize an individual or idea as being liberal or too liberal, and thus do not have to provide an argument against it.

The Real Issue

A proliferation of hate or attack politics, that bemoans liberals, not necessarily even for their ideas, but just for incidental aspects of them, life style choices, imperfections, etc.

If they used some of their anti-liberal rhetoric on any other group in America, such as blacks, women or jews, they would be seen as racist or sexist. But since no one has challenged their rhetoric, they just continue to accelerate it, in talk radio and now on the news networks.

Not all conservatives do this, and liberals are not immune from falling into the same attack mode. John McCain is a respectful conservative.

The Solution

Speak up Speak out Show pride in our liberal leaning. Show, command and demand respect.

Stick to the issues, no personal attacks.

Demand equal time from the media, demand they separate opinion from fact better. Take them to task. Write to your representatives.

Posted by pencandle at 7:58 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, August 21, 2004 8:06 PM EDT

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