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Reclaiming Our Voices
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
The Case for Kerry
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Topic: The Case for Kerry
The Case For John Kerry

Congratulations! You are in uncharted territory. You have shown great courage to look at the positive points for voting for Kerry. Feel free to add your own or dispute the ones we present.

* The best summary of what Kerry & Edwards will bring to the White House is listed in their Plan for America at Plan For America http://www.johnkerry.com/plan/ in pdf format. It rivals the comprehensive plan that Edwards had during his campaign. You will find a more balanced approach to foreign policy, a war on terrorists, homeland security, a progressive energy policy, the economy, education, health care, and the environment in a way that brings us together, while respecting our differences.

* While some disagree about John Kerry's military record, most who served closest to him, say he served with honor. Even some veterans, who don't support Kerry, but were around at the time Kerry served, back up what Kerry and the official records say. The events that brought about his Bronze and Silver Stars show he could think quickly and act courageously in critical life threatening situations.

* John Kerry's protest of the Viet Nam War can be seen from either side. He reported on the darker side of our policy in Viet Nam, based on testimony given at an investigation by Viet Nam veterans, who required to implement it as best they could, given a flawed policy. In reporting on the actions of those who served, Kerry cited the policy as having played a role in the questionable actions of some who served. He also brought to light the fact that some of our policies in Viet Nam likely violated the Geneva Convention. It took courage to make these disclosures, to call to question the policy of our government.

* It was the government policy that Kerry questioned, not the veterans who answered the call and faced life threatening circumstances for us all. They were implementing a flawed policy. (Some would say, history is repeating itself today.) We can respect and understand those veterans and Americans who were offended by these disclosures. We admire those who served and welcome them back.

* John Kerry served honorably as an Assistant District Attorney, favoring the rights of victims. He was elected Lieutenant Governor, then ran for the US Senate, where he has served with distinction for 20 years.

* Some would call to question John Kerry's US Senate record. It has been said that he has changed his positions on many issues and does not have a lot of signature legislation. It is easy to take votes and quotes out of context, to make an individual look bad. In truth, John Kerry has followed his conscience in the stands he took in the Senate, much like he did with the Viet Nam war (First he served, then he questioned the policy, having seen first hand that it was a flawed policy). He has offered many significant amendments to legislation that does not carry his name. Republicans US Senators like John McCaine and Chuck Hegel have come to his defense, when John Kerry was wrongfully accused of being soft on defense.

* John Kerry voted against the 1991 Gulf War, but acknowledged that President Bush Sr. executed the war effectively. He voted for the President's authorization to go to war as a last resort, in 2002. This would give the President the bargaining power to confront a potentially threatening situation. John Kerry spoke against the way the President rushed into war, with less than the recommended resources, and without an adequate plan to secure the peace in the post war phase. The President went with the best scenario, but the worst occurred. We could not prevent looting, insurgence, corruption or terrorism from inflicting disorder in Iraq. We lost many more soldiers in the post war phase, because of poor planning. A recent report on prisoner abuse in Iraq said that this poor planning contributed to the abuse.

* John Kerry will never rush us to war, but he will never avoid it when it is necessary. He will make sure our troops have the resources and an effective plan to win and be safer and more successful. He will assure that Iraq achieves stability and he will bring our troops home, as soon as he can.

* John Kerry and John Edwards have pledged to bring us back together. They will not play one group of Americans against another for political gain. They unite us by restoring opportunity for all Americans, not just the wealthy and the connected. They will fully fund education initiatives, bring affordable health care to more Americans, restore our commitment to a cleaner, safer environment. They will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and seek development of home grown renewable energy resources. They will restore our prosperity by advancing opportunity in America for cutting edge technologies that are good for the environment.

* America is a diverse mosaic of different cultures, races, ethnic groups, religions beliefs, genders, sexual orientations and political leanings. We will never likely be in total agreement about a lot of important things. But we can stand together, in support of one another, in support of an even better America, and in support of a freer, more just, cleaner, safer world for all. We do not have to think, feel or believe alike to be united. We can learn to understand and care about each other in spite of our differences. Together, we can fulfill America's promise to truly be a land of opportunity for all.

* The time is now. It starts with election John Kerry, John Edwards and a Democratic Congress. They will include all in resolving the challenges of our time and needs of our future generation. Please join us now.

Posted by pencandle at 6:54 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:21 PM EDT

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