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Reclaiming Our Voices
Wednesday, September 8, 2004
When Right is Wrong . . . "steady" leadership takes us in the wrong direction.
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Topic: "W" stands for Wrong!
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Kerry on the end of the Assault Weapons ban

Please note: I am not trying to be negative or mean or inaccurate here. All polls have consistently shown a concern about us going in the wrong direction. This entry tries to spell that out, in terms of policy choices. Even if the President has good intentions, he can still be misguided in his policy choices. That is the premise here. Once misguided, he can't help but take us in the wrong direction. It isn't personal, it's policy.

"W" Stands for Wrong Direction! (click here for details) President Bush says he provides steady leadership, but steady leadership is a liability, when it consistently takes us in the wrong direction. Steady leadership is no virtue when you relentlessly pursue the wrong policies.

(Furthermore, there are several examples when he has changed his course of action, when pressured to do so. Click here for Top 10 Flip Flops of George W Bush.)

Issue Contrasts
from the DNC Click here for a concise contrast between the Bush Record and John Kerry's plan for America, or go to http://www.democrats.org/contrasts/index.html

This is what the election is about, and this is why we need new leadership in Washington DC, both in the White House and at Capitol Hill. We cannot afford four more years of wrong decisions.

Go to this link: "W" Stands for Wrong Direction! to read the entire 5 point (6 page) document in a printer friendly fashion, showing how the Bush Administration has taken us in the wrong direction, and how Kerry, as President, would take us back in the right direction. Each point has a number of brief specific points.

Pass it on as a link, print it if you can. Copy and paste it into your favorite word processor, send it as an attachent. Use these points to re-energize our campaign, and we will win big in November!

Here is one example:

"This Administration's relentless pursuit of tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthiest in our society have put more of a burden on the middle class, in more ways than one. As President, Kerry will leave the tax cuts as is for the middle class, and return to the Clinton era of tax rates for the wealthy, a time when the wealthy got richer, as the middle class did better."

By the way, Who is Ed Gillespie? Chairman of the Republican National Committee? Would you believe also a former highly paid lobbyist for Enron? Read all about it at this link: Ed Gillespie

"Don't Get Mad, Get Even!" I don't think Robert Kennedy meant this as a call for revenge. Rather, I think it is a call for a measured response, to out wit an opponent. The issue below requires such a response!

Story from ABCNEWS.com

Unless Congress or the Bush administration agrees to extend the ban, it will expire on Monday. Soon, all sorts of semi-automatic weapons could once again be legal.

Assault weapons used to be a hot-button political issue. But the ban is expiring without a serious debate in Congress, even though a survey released this week by the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey found that 68 percent of Americans want Congress to extend the ban.

Republican leaders in Congress want the ban to expire, and President Bush is doing nothing to renew it.

"I think the will of the American people is consistent with letting it expire, so it will expire," Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., told reporters on Capitol Hill today.

Bush says he opposes the semi-automatic weapons, but is careful not to upset the National Rifle Association, a powerful gun lobby.

The NRA will endorse the president's re-election bid after the ban expires, ABC News has learned.

But most Democrats aren't putting up a fight either because they do not want to bring on the wrath of the NRA in key congressional districts during an election year.

"There is a big block of Democrats joining a big block of Republicans that will make sure this issue never sees the light of day in the House," said Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president and CEO of the NRA.

Democrats remember what happened 10 years ago, when a Democratic Congress sent then-President Clinton the bill outlawing assault weapons. A few months later, the gun lobby was instrumental in helping Republicans win control of the House.

Stop the NRA Click here to sign the petition. Join the millions on the NRA black list!

President Bush and the Conservative Republican Congressional leadership have colluded to allow the assault weapons ban to end on September 13, 2004 at 12:00 midnight, in exchange for an endorsement from the NRA? We are fighting a war on terror, but we are going to let terrorists legally buy semi-automatic assault weapons? GOD HELP US!

Some Democrats have distanced themselves from opposing the end to this ban because they fear the wrath of the NRA.

About 2/3rds of the American people want the assault weapons ban to continue. The NRA has about 4 million members, out of nearly 300 million US citizens, and they are intimidating our Congress to defy the will of about 200 million Americans?

One can only conclude that President Bush and the Conservative Republican Congressional leadership are not serious about making America safer. So, lets get even, and show them all the door on November 3rd. This would also include Terry Hastert, Tom Delay and Bill Frist.

Meanwhile, as President, Kerry will do what Bush promised to do in 2000. He will push Congress to pass a bill renewing a ban on assault weapons, and he will sign it, NRA wrath not withstanding, especially if we give him a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

Posted by pencandle at 12:54 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 7:00 AM EDT

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