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Reclaiming Our Voices
Sunday, September 19, 2004
The Time for Change is Now!
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Topic: The Time to Act is Now!
Letter to Editor Supporting Jeff Miller Click here.

Kerry Lays Out Iraq Plan Click here.

Some polls indicate that confidence in Kerry's ability to win the election has gone down. Since then, he has come back swinging. Many polls are suggesting that Kerry is still within striking distance, and that a plurality to a majority still think our country is going in the wrong direction.

But check this out! Media Matters says Gallup and CBS/NYT are relying on "Flawed Polls Skewed Toward Republicans" (click here) by over-sampling Republicans. Trust me, it ain't over!

Even if they are inaccurate, polls showing Bush with a significant lead serve to cast doubt and despair on would be Kerry supporters, contributing to the "pre-mortem depression" syndrome. They suck the wind out of our enthusiasm, so we do less for Kerry, and a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs.

As I have recently said, we cannot afford the luxury of resignation, just because this race has gotten tougher. When Kerry seemed to be ahead, we were all enthusiastic. This is not the time to give up or give in. Kerry's opponents want this victory every bit as much as we do, and some of them will do anything to assure they get it. So, if we want to win, we are going to have to wrestle this victory away from them!

Remember Democracy is not a spectator sport!

How would you feel if Kerry lost by a small margin, and you had done little to help? Would you wish you had done more? Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport. I believe that the grassroots efforts will win this election, more so than anything else. There are many grass root voting efforts going on listed below on the left on this blog. I urge all of us to assist with one of them. Obviously, we all should be registered and ready to vote for Kerry. But it is still important to help register others, to make reminder calls and help others get to the polls on election day.

It also helps to have talking points about how Bush has taken us in the wrong direction, and how Kerry will take us back in the right direction. You can find them at "W" stands for Wrong Direction! or Bush Record versus Kerry Plan.

When issues about Kerry's "character" are brought up, state how these characteristics are simply what the Republican machine has exaggerated over and over, to the point that they are widely accepted while unsubstantiated. Not to be negative, but Bush has his flaws, including a record of Top 10 Flip - Flops.

Finally, we do have viable Democratic candidates for Congress Dr. Bob Johnson in the 23rd District and Jeff Miller in the 24th District. Click on their names or find links at "A Closer Look at Democrats" to the left on this page. Both will be underdogs in terms of cash, but both can win with a strong grassroots effort. This is another important reason to be involved, to help change the shape of Congress.

Finally, write a letter to the editor of your local papers, supporting Kerry and our local candidates. Go to Kerry Speak Out (click here) to get e-mail addresses to local media. (You may have to register & sign in to use this page.)

Lets get to work, & let' win!.

Meanwhile . . .

More infromation on Iraq.

President Bush says "our strategy is succeeding" and Iraq "is headed toward democracy." He says "Freedom is on the march."

But the CIA told Bush recently that the scenarios we're really facing there range from "an Iraq whose stability would remain tenuous" -- a quagmire -- to civil war.

Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) is calling on Bush to level with us, by releasing the CIA report, formally called a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). Senator John McCain (R-AZ) agrees that he should. So do I.

Please join us and these Senators in calling on President Bush to level with us, at:


Thank you.

Recently, a classified intelligence report in late July for President Bush gives a dim outlook for Iraq's ability to become more secure in the year ahead. The worst scenario is civil war and the best is tenuous stability. This has caused harsh criticism from both Republican and Democratic Senators at a recent hearing.

The President has known about this for over a month, and said nothing. (This is not unlike how the CEO of Enron withheld bad news from his employees, and encouraged them to hold their shares of company stock, even as he planned to bail out before the company fell.)

Furthermore, the latest report on weapons of mass destruction says there are no weapons, but possible plans by Saddam to resume weapons programs, once his country was under less suspicion. There was only a small research and development plan for biological and chemical weapons.

Our primary reason for invading Iraq was based on unequivocal reports of large stashes of weapons of mass destruction, including biological, chemical and nuclear. Remember the references to mushroom clouds? A Congressional minority report by Congressman Henry Waxman cites 237 misleading statements by the Bush Administration prior to the war in Iraq.

Never-the-less, Bush and Cheney continued to campaign optimistically about the progress in Iraq, and continue to suggest connections with Al-Qaeda, and refer to the war in Iraq as the central front on the war on terror. The 9-11 Commission said there was no discernable relationship between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. This would have been the second most important reason for an invasion.

The Bush Administration must be held accountable for this unnecessary war. They must not be allowed to call it a part of the war on terror. It can now only be seen as a distraction from the war on terror, a costly distraction that ultimately has made us less safe, and provided new training ground and new recruits for terrorism. Pass this on, next time someone talks about the great job Bush has done.

Posted by pencandle at 12:36 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, September 23, 2004 3:11 PM EDT

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