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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, October 7, 2004
What would Donald Trump say?
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Topic: "You're Fired!"

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"Crumbin Down"

October 8 Debate Analysis Kerry more poised and factual.

Ignorance is Strength NY Times' Paul Krugman weighs in on the Bush Team's central strategy, to isolate themselves from the facts, and always claim success, Oct 8, 2004. "Spinning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Carl Rove.

If George W Bush were CEO of a corporation, he would be summarily fired without compensation.

If any CEO took a corporate surplus to a record corporate deficit in less than four years, and took the company on an ill fated venture that increased its insolvency (despite having information and advice against the venture, prior to going on it) you wouldn't need "the Don" to fire him / her. An honorable CEO would resign.

In this situation, we the people, are "the Don". We have the power to remove this tribe of spin city incompetents from office.

Just think if this had happened, when Clinton was President. Had he run up high deficits, and took us on a wild goose chase for Weapons of Mass Destruction, that had been destroyed for 11 years, he would have been barraged with demands to resign. My friends, the Republicans impeached, and tried to remove a successful President, because he lied about a personal indiscretion.

The Bush Team has misled us about the facts in Iraq, either because they are incompetent or because they are devious. How much more serious is that? The cost continues to mount, the loss of life of our brave service people, their injuries (some permanent), the loss of Iraqi civilian life, their injuries, the 120 billion + price tag, our credibility abroad, our tarnished image from prisoner abuse, the increase in terrorist recruits abroad. We are less safe now, even with Saddam behind bars, because he was already contained enough to be less of a threat than Al Qaeda.

There are no excuses, the buck stops with the Bush team.

The decision making process of this Administration is fundamentally flawed, the secrecy of this Administration is unprecedented, the vindictiveness of this Administration is appalling and their culture of distortion is so encompassing, that they themselves cannot tell when they are twisting the facts. This goes beyond party affiliation or partisan preference, this is a matter of competence and trust. We have no choice, but to bring new leadership to the White House and to Congress.

Do you still have doubts about John Kerry? Most doubts people have about Kerry are a result of the Bush team distorting his record, his character and his image, by taking his votes and quotes out of context. But given all their other misleading statements and lack of credibility, can you really believe anything they have to say about Kerry?.

Is Kerry perfect? No. But he has now become the more credible, more trustworthy candidate. Together with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, Kerry and Edwards will lead us back on more successful, respectable and bipartisan path. We all want this so much!

Please take whatever leap of faith is needed to join us, and together we will rekindle the true spirit of America. "You gotta believe!"

If you are still unconvinced or undecided, please check the next entry, "Undecided No More". The devil is in the details.

PS: Here is a response to VP Cheney, regarding the "divided" nature of our country. During the debate, he seemed clueless about why we are divided, and wished they had been able to bring us together.

He reminisced about times when he worked in a bipartisan manner with former Democratic leaders. Maybe, that's the problem, Mr. Vice President. Maybe the present Republican leadership does not behave in the same bipartisan cooperative manner, that the former Democratic leadership did.

Ever since the Republicans took over the Congress, and the cynical pundits of the right began to dominate the news media, we have become more polarized.

Do you see a connection, Mr. Vice President? I do.

Maybe, if you didn't tell a respected senior Democratic member of the US Senate to "blank" himself, and later proudly say you don't apologize for your vulgar insult, maybe then, we could be a little more bipartisan.

Maybe, if people like Tom Delay, Ed Gillespie and Carl Rove were not so intent on making our country into a one party system, where they dominate the media, similar to what Putin has done in Russia, maybe then we could work together toward common goals. Maybe, then we could respectfully agree to disagree, again.

Posted by pencandle at 5:54 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, October 9, 2004 5:10 PM EDT

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