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Reclaiming Our Voices
Sunday, October 24, 2004
"A More Perfect Union"
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Topic: "A More Perfect Union"

American Tune


URGENT: Election Protection Volunteers Needed Click on this link for details.

The Revolution starts now, but only if we can assure a fair election.

Go to this site to see a complete list of coalition organizations in America, striving to provide a fair election in America. We could call this the coalition of the determined.


To volunteer go to:


"Lets send the Republican leadership a message!"

It is time to send the Republican leadership a message. The main reason some voters still hesitate to vote for Kerry and other Democrats, is the Republican's use of fear and distortion.

They do this to cover up their failures, and distract voters from the real issues. But given how they used similar tactics to mislead us into war and debt, why should we believe anything they have to say about their opponents.

A fundamental test of any President is to know when to go to war, who to fight and how to fight them. This Administration has failed on all three counts!

A Republican President and Congress have plundered us into further debt, failed to secure us, and divided us on cultural issues. I urge Democrats, Republicans and independents to vote for the entire Democratic line. Only then, will the GOP get the message, and restore itself with honorable leadership!

"A More Perfect Union" - comments from William Jefferson Clinton, with follow up comments from me.

The following is a rehash of an impromptu speech given by President Clinton, following the premiere viewing of the film " The Hunting of the President", based on the book of the same name. It speaks to the issue of our current polarization, in a broader context of our history.

A fundamental mission of our nation, as prescribed by our founding fathers, is to form a more perfect union. This is both humble and bold. It is humble in its recognition of humankind's imperfections, as reflected in our institutions. It is bold in suggesting that we should strive to do better. It is a call to be progressive.

We are presently at another crossroads in our history, when we are called upon to define, defend and expand our union. President Clinton said that each time we have had this fight within our nation, we have ultimately chosen to widen our circle of opportunity, deepen the meaning of freedom and broaden the reach of community. He said that democracy is not just majority rule, but also the preservation of minority rights.

Here is the most important thing. Clinton says that the present conservative movement fights its battle on the grounds of who is good versus bad. Their goal is to put the right people in power, and concentrate wealth and power with a few people. Clinton does not define them as bad, suggesting that they are simply asserting what they think is best for our country. Most important, Clinton says we cannot respond in kind, but must fight the battle on the notion that "we are right, they are wrong, and here's why".

For more details click on "A More Perfect Union"

Posted by pencandle at 10:51 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 12:35 AM EDT

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