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Reclaiming Our Voices
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Beyond 2004 - a strategy for success.
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Topic: Dean Says It All

Got to this link for more details:

Beyond 2004

That's right, folks, there is reason for hope! The above link takes you to a series of 4 articles, each of which provides some information for building a winning strategy.

1. First, is Howard Dean's speech announcing his run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee. He has got it right! Build a strong grass roots organization, comparable to what Republicans have done, in all 50 states, and stay true to the reform style working people's values and programs, that have long been a part of the Democratic party.

2. Second, is a Washington Post article, about Dean's Announcement.

3. Is an article of the upcoming younger generation, who show a strong tendency toward progressive values. Remember, the youngest age voting block went for Kerry.

4. A somewhat terse description of what went wrong with the Kerry camp, namely, too much focus on the negative (Beat Bush) versus a positive (Elect Kerry) campaign, as many voluteers were still focused more on anyone but Bush. The Kerry and his message could have been asserted more forcefully, rather than focusing on getting rid of Bush. (I had oftern thought that to win, Kerry - Edwards had to transform the Bus hatred into enthusiasm for Kerry. Even at that, the race was relatively close, even without considering the possibility of fraud and manipulation by the Bush Campaign and some of those in the media.)

This is a "roll up your sleeves and get to work" approach, that if it is done methodically and strategically, could turn around the dominance of the corporate fed Republican noise machine, especially if it paired with voting reform. So, don't give up. Plan to participate in the months and years ahead! We shall overcome!

Posted by pencandle at 12:48 AM EST

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