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Reclaiming Our Voices
Monday, January 17, 2005
The Inauguration starts . . . Now!
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Topic: Scare Tactics Rise Again!
Below is my Jan '05 letter to the editor. We were scared into supporting an unnecessary war with 237 misleading statements. Why should we believe anything they tell us now about social security or any other issue.

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To the Editor 1/16/2004

The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq quietly ended a month ago. This was the main reason for invading Iraq. The congressional record documents 237 misleading statements by the President and his closest staff, about the threat Iraq posed to the US, prior to the war.

Now they claim Social Security is at risk, and their solution will reduce the amount of money available to present and future recipients, by diverting contributions to private investments, that will make stock brokers richer, even as benefits may have to be trimmed to pay for tax cuts favoring the rich and to finance a questionable war.

Is there any reason to believe what they are saying now? We should write to our congressional representatives, and tell them not to cave into any more fear tactics from this Administration, on any issue. Inaugurations aside, let reason and prudent judgement prevail.

This President was elected by a narrow margin, and has one of the lowest approval rating of any President going into a second term.

There is no mandate, no political capital, and this Administration does not represent the will of the American people!

Very truly yours,

Bill Gazitano

Posted by pencandle at 12:17 AM EST

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