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Reclaiming Our Voices
Saturday, February 12, 2005
The truth shall set you free. . . We shall overcome.
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Topic: Hello, Truth Seekers!
What is happening to the media?

When the Bush team buys the opinions of pundits, and plants their stooges in the press corps, you know that freedom of the press (media) is in jeopardy. When a fictitious journalist, Jeff Gannon, has more credibility than Dan Rather, you know the news media world is turned up side down, in Orwellian tradition. Lies are truth. Pretty soon, the Defense Department will be renamed, the Ministry of Peace and Love.

What is happening to America?

When the media is coopted by the dogs of war, and the election process is corrupted by corporate crooks, we can kiss our Democracy Good Bye.

But, This is no time to give up.

It is not enough to be against the madness. We stand for more than that. Humanity, true democracy and the well being all. A strong united grassroots organization of progressive thinking Americans can take America forward. Let's stand together.

Posted by pencandle at 1:11 AM EST

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